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Did you know that keeping your heating and cooling systems working at peak levels saves you money? With regular maintenance, your units work function efficiently and lead to a drop in your utility bills.

In addition to providing the trained and experienced manpower that ensures your HVAC systems are always at their best, Action Plus HVAC also makes financing options available to interested clients in Corinth, TX, and nearby areas.

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AC Replacement Services

When your AC is no longer energy efficient, you end up spending  much more on monthly energy bills. You may also be losing your hard-earned money taking care of frequent breakdowns. At such time, the wisest step is to replace your unit.

When you get a new AC system, you enjoy new technological features, your home becomes more comfortable, and you no longer have to spend much on utility bills. You also don’t have to pay for costly repairs frequently. 

While we always do our best to keep your current system working to your satisfaction, when it’s time to move on, we are by your side every step of the way. We provide professional AC replacement services at a reasonable cost.

Heater Service, Corinth, TX

Not servicing your heater is like losing a dollar to save a cent. Whatever you gain by avoiding the yearly preventive session, you lose in multiples when your heating unit begins to struggle.

Although a heater service may not appear like much to you, it extends the life of your unit, makes everyone who steps into your home comfortable, keeps your space safe, and minimizes your heater repair costs.

Let our expert team keep your heater going strongly with scheduled heater service, Corinth, TX, Allen, Highland Village, TX, and neighboring areas.

Commercial HVAC Installation

As a business owner in Corinth, TX, and nearby areas, a struggling HVAC system is the last thing you need. It would drain your wallet with frequent repairs, make your energy bills go up, and result in uneven heating or cooling. It may also make strange noises that would scare your clients away.

In contrast, a new commercial HVAC installation in Corinth, TX, and surrounding areas will leave you with a more efficient system that consumes less energy. Your new unit will also be quieter, give you more temperature control, and provide more comfort for your staff and customers alike.

When it’s time for a new HVAC system, you can trust Action Plus HVAC to guide you every step of the way. From load calculation to system selection and installation, you can count on our knowledge and experience.

Learn more about us and what we do so that you can enjoy similar benefits as homes and businesses in our service areas.

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