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If you want to enjoy comfort in your home or business, you need to have a properly functioning heating and cooling system. While this is widely accepted, sometimes, people are slow to take the steps that keep their HVAC units working optimally.

At Action Plus HVAC, we keep our technicians on their toes with regular training and testing. We also ensure that you get the best service anytime you give us a call.

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AC Service, Frisco, TX

If you don’t service your AC, it may stop performing as well as you expect. It may also be more expensive to run as a result of dropping efficiency. In addition to all that, it may leak water, make loud noises, and give off a bad odor.

With AC service, Frisco, TX, and nearby areas, your AC unit functions properly and keeps you and your family, employees, and clients comfortable. A yearly AC service includes general unit inspection, air filter cleaning, coolant level checking, AC condenser cleaning, and other basic steps.

Action Plus HVAC provides the best AC service, Frisco, TX, Lewisville, The Colony, Little Elm, Plano, Carrollton, TX, and neighboring areas. Our services give you peace of mind and make your air conditioning unit function better and last longer.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance, Frisco, TX

There’s a misconception that a new HVAC system doesn’t require professional care. While it is true that a new unit may not require as much care as an aging one, it still needs a bit of TLC to keep it new longer.

For both new and older HVAC units, periodic maintenance gives you peace of mind, provides a safe environment for your business to thrive, makes you spend less on repairs and utility bills, and gives your valuable unit a longer lifespan.

At Action Plus HVAC, our expert and courteous team deliver top-class maintenance services no matter the brand of HVAC unit you have. With every maintenance visit, we change your air filter, lubricate moving parts, and check your thermostat for accuracy, to mention a few of the steps on our HVAC maintenance, Frisco, checklist.

Ductless, Frisco, TX

Do you want to make a smart investment? Why not invest in a ductless air conditioner? A ductless mini-split AC unit will pay for itself in no time with about 50% saving on your monthly electricity bills.

Apart from reducing your energy bill, a ductless system can be installed just about anywhere. It is easy to install, makes less noise than a traditional AC unit, and also lets you set different temperatures in every part of your home or business.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of the energy-saving ductless, Frisco, TX, and neighboring areas, you should give us a call at Action Plus HVAC. Our techs are professional, friendly, NATE-certified, and experienced.

Sign up for ourmaintenance plan to enjoy a broad yearly maintenance cover that keeps your heating and cooling systems working optimally all year long.

With 32 years of experience, Action Plus HVAC continues to provide first-class heating and cooling services in Frisco, TX, and surrounding areas. Call us now at (972) 914 3252 to schedule HVAC service.