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Are you interested in protecting the health of your family, clients, and employees while they spend time in your home or office space? One way to do this is by ensuring that they are exposed to good quality air by keeping your heating and cooling systems in good shape.

Action Plus HVAC achieves this by delivering professional HVAC installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services in Lewisville, TX, and neighboring areas.

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AC Repair In Lewisville, TX

Your AC is supposed to provide comfort and protect you from Lewisville’s hot summers. If that’s not the case, it needs repairs or replacement. Common signs of AC trouble include an increase in cooling costs, pooling of water under your ducts, unusual unit noises, and uneven cooling of your property.

If you notice any of these signs, you should give your local HVAC contractor a call before your home or office becomes too uncomfortable for you and others. Even if it’s the weekend or a holiday, it is always best not to delay AC repair or AC service, Lewisville, TX, the Colony, Little Elm, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, TX, and other areas.

Not to worry, Action Plus HVAC is always available, 24/7 to take care of all of your cooling needs. We have the experts, and we always work hard to provide the best AC service, Lewisville, TX, and neighboring areas.

Heater Tune Up

Although Texas is not one of the coldest states around, it does get a share of the winter cold. So does Lewisville. You need to have your heater ready for every yearly round of chilly weather.

A typical heater tune up, usually in autumn, saves you from emergency breakdowns, prevents and catches carbon monoxide leaks, extends your system’s lifespan, improves your indoor air quality, and results in lower energy costs. 

Our yearly tune-ups ensure that you enjoy maximum comfort no matter how cold it gets outside. Don’t wait until your heater breaks down when you need it the most. Call Action Plus HVAC for reliable heater tune up and heater service, Lewisville, TX, and nearby.

Commercial HVAC Repairs In Lewisville, TX

Do you know that prompt HVAC repairs can save your system from a total shutdown that would almost certainly hurt your business? With professional repair by a certified HVAC technician, you protect your employees and clients from exposure to extreme temperatures. 

Swift commercial HVAC repairs in Lewisville, TX, and surrounding areas will prevent an interruption of your business services that would result from a shutdown.

Wise businesses trust Action Plus HVAC with their commercial HVAC repairs in Lewisville, TX, and neighboring areas. As long as it can be fixed, we’ll have your unit running in quick time. Give us a call as soon as you notice something odd with your HVAC system.

You may contact us through our contact page to schedule a service or get an estimate.

You shouldn’t allow a defective HVAC system to ruin your business or spoil your family’s day. Call Action Plus HVAC at (972) 914 3252 for the best heating and cooling services in Lewisville, TX, and neighboring areas.