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With Texas ranking as one of the five hottest states in the union, you definitely can’t afford to have a shaky cooling system. To keep your home and business safe from dangerously high temperatures, you need professional cooling installation, repairs, maintenance, and replacement services.

Action Plus HVAC is always on the ground to give you first-class heating and AC service Little Elm, TX, and nearby areas.

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AC Installation Service

If your air conditioner is more than 15 years old, your energy bills are on the rise, and your property is no longer as cool as it used to be, the time has come to move on to a more modern and energy-efficient unit. Other signs that you need AC replacement services are frequent major repairs, leaks, and strange noises from your usually quiet cooling system.

A new AC installation improves your indoor air quality, makes your home or business more comfortable, provides greater efficiency, and gives you more control over your indoor climate. Newer units also tend to be quieter and longer-lasting.

With exceptional residential, rural, and commercial AC service, Action Plus HVAC makes your indoor space as comfortable as you’ve always dreamt it to be. We’re number one in AC repair in Little Elm, TX, and nearby areas. We have available flexible payment options that will make the transition from one AC unit to another smooth.

Heater Maintenance In Little Elm, TX

Are cases of allergies on the rise in your home? Are your heating costs going up, or are you experiencing cold areas on your property? Your heating unit may require maintenance.

With yearly maintenance from a professional HVAC contractor, you avoid the issues mentioned earlier, and your heating system rarely breaks down unexpectedly. Your AC unit also gets a longer lifespan.

Our heater maintenance and heater service Little Elm, TX, Frisco, Lewisville, The Colony, Plano, Flower Mound, TX, and neighboring areas is open to residential and commercial clients. Take advantage of it to get your heating unit ready for Little Elm’s cold and windy winters.

Indoor Air Quality Services, Little Elm, TX

Poor indoor air quality can result from your heating and cooling systems. Other likely causes are household cleaning products, cigarette smoke, pesticides, paint, and air fresheners. The absence of good quality air can result in health problems in already struggling individuals and previously healthy ones.

To avoid the harmful effects of poor indoor air, you need to keep your HVAC system clean. You also need to clean or replace your air filters periodically and keep your air ducts free of dirt and dust with expert duct cleaning services.

We provide numerous services that improve the quality of your indoor air. This lets you sleep better, breathe easier, enjoy a dust-free home, and get rid of bad smells and pollutants, among others. Call Action Plus HVAC to enjoy good quality air all year round.

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